1 JOHN 3:18

What is Reclaimed Three Eighteen?

The vision of the Reclaimed Three Eighteen Ministry is to be salt and light to our local foster community by being the hands and feet of Jesus to those involved.  Our goal is to mobilize the local faith community to prepare, support, and help lighten the burden of foster families, biological families, and agency workers so that they are better equipped to love and care for the families involved in foster care in our community.  
This will be accomplished through God's grace, uniting the faith community, and providing hope where there once was none.  Look below for ways that New Life Church is working to reclaim families for God and how you can be a part!

Areas where you can help!


Did you know that we have over 1000 kids in foster care in Wyoming alone?  These are kids that have come from homes that are broken, families that have been torn apart.  You can partner with us and pray for these kids, their biological families, and their foster and adoptive families.  Pray that when safe, families can reunite and that we can be a support to those families, and pray for families that are unable to reunite, that children can feel safe and loved. Also pray for us, as a church body, to step up and support these kids and families in ways that make a lasting difference.

The closet

The Closet is a place where Foster Families, DFS agency workers, schools, and others can come to meet the physical needs of children in our community.  Many times foster children are placed in homes with only the clothes on their backs, new moms find themselves without any clothing for their new babies, or children arrive at school without a winter coat.  The Closet is stocked with clothing, shoes, and winter items for all ages and sizes so that kids can have things to call their own.  We also provide diapers and small baby furniture to help families with infants get a good start.  
Donations of new or very gently used clothing are welcome when needed.  
Please fill out the form below if you are interested in volunteering your time in The Closet.

Tangible Needs

We can come together to meet specific tangible needs of kids in need.  Using this system,  a caseworker can tell us of a need (like a mattress to sleep on), and we send that need out to an email list of our congregation and community.  Then, if you can meet that need, you simply email back and we are able to get that need met.  To sign up to get emails for needs please fill out the form below.

independent living classes

We want to support both biological families and young adults aging out of the foster care system by coming alongside them, helping them to build life skills.  We offer classes in parenting, budgeting, meal preparation, health and wellness, employment and housing.  Our desire is to help families stay on the right track to stay together and be stronger together.

foster parent support

Inviting all foster, adoptive, and kinship parents to join us for quality training and support from others who are on the same journey as you.  Our parent support groups will resume in the fall.

provide a meal for foster families

Our foster families are on the front lines of demonstrating the hands and feet of Jesus.  Not only are they providing a safe, loving home for children, but they are trying to show Jesus to caseworkers, biological families, judges, therapists and so many more.  There are times when this can be overwhelming!  Providing a hot meal for a foster family helps them know that they are not alone in this journey and gives them a much needed break!  Please fill out the form below to be contacted when a meal is needed.

become a foster parent

Foster Care is about families! Foster Care is the temporary service provided to ensure the safety and well-being of children/youth while in out-of-home care. Foster homes are needed for all ages, but especially for teens and sibling groups.  Foster parents get to demonstrate the love of Jesus as they stand in the gap for another family and provide love and safety to a child in need.
For more information about becoming a foster parent you can talk to Jessi Kinkade or Amy McLain for more information.

Reclaimed 3:18 Ministry Help

I would love to help with this ministry to the foster care community! Please sign me up for the following areas: