Bible Studies

                             There are some great studies at New Life Church designed to get you in the word of God.  Check out the                                   studies below to see where you belong.                        


Sunday Mornings at 9:45am

Adult Bible Study

Adults are welcome to bring their Bible and join this group as they fellowship over the Word of God each Sunday morning.  

Foundations of Christian Faith

This class is designed  for new believers, those recently baptized or anyone who wants to learn more about the principals of Christianity.

High School & College Worldview Class

High Schoolers will join Jessi Kinkade as she digs into how to have a Christian Worldview as the pressures of the world try to dictate their thinking.

Ladies "When God Doesn't Fix It" Study

Lessons you never wanted to learn, truths you can't live without, with Laura Story.

Tackling common myths about God and hardship, she examines what happens when life doesn't turn out as we expect---and offers assurance that although our situation may never get better, we can grow because of it.  

Monday Evening Studies-

Rebuilding Your Broken World with Brenda Hackenberg at 6:00pm-7:30pm

This study if for unmarried/single ladies. This series from James 1 is designed to help you begin where you are and rebuild your broken world.    

Chip Ingram will walk you through God's plan for handling life's challenges and much more. Books are $6.



Ladies Bible Study 1:30pm-3pm

Beth Moore "Breaking Free" Study

Join this group of ladies as you journey through scripture and discover the transforming power of Christian freedom. God intends for you to know and believe Him, glorify Him, experience His peace, and enjoy His presence.  

Ladies Bible Study  6:30pm-8:00pm

"How We Got the Bible"

Increase your confidence in the reliability of the Bible. This study will inspire you with the stories of early Bible translators. Have you ever wondered who wrote the books in the Bible and how they ended up together? This six-session with Dr.Timothy Paul will answer your questions. 



6:00pm-7:30pm Middle School Youth Group

7:00pm-8:30pm High School Youth Group

Youth Group meets each Wednesday night with both middle school and high school students in mind. Middle school will meet for worship, group teaching and small group connections. High schoolers will join as a group and delve into topics to help them grow in their faith.


Theology Thursday

With Pastor Tim~12:00pm-1:00pm

Do you have an enthusiastic desire to dig deeper into the great truths of God’s Word? If so, join Pastor Tim to discuss topics such as the trinity, angels, the condition of man, end times and much more.  Bring your Bible, your mind and your lunch each Thursday for an engaging hour of theological teachings.




6:30am- Men Breakfast and Study

Men of all ages are invited to join in fellowship, food and God’s Word each Friday morning